High art into the campus: Qiqihar University orchestra into Qiqihar Medical University

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    November 17, Qiqihar University for Nationalities Orchestra intoQiqihar Medical University under the guide of Propaganda Minister Wang Xiaomei, more than 300 teachers and students for the university presented a high-level, high-grade “high Art into Campus” special performance.
    Qiqihar University for Nationalities Orchestra was founded in October 2005, it is the only one set up by Qiqihar City Philharmonic and professional teachers for a large ethnic music groups. Orchestra was established 10 years ago, has always been to promote the national music, spread advanced culture for the purpose, while rooted in folk music, and more extensive contacts to try for a variety of new styles and types, close to the pulse of the times, and strive to play an elegant boutique programs. By the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education, Cultural Affairs, Department of Finance designate, Qiqihar University for Nationalities Orchestra went to Harbin, Daqing, Qiqihar City and other places, more than 10 colleges and universities to carry out the special performance of “high art into the campus” activities, won the teachers and students warm welcome and high praise.


Qiqihar Medical University
No.333, Bukui Street, Jianhua District, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, 161006 P.R.China