Visitation to the World

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In 1990, the university sent a medical team to Mauritania, an African country, to provide medical service and humanitarian assistance for Mauritanian people. 

In October, 1991, the university organized a medical education and technology investigation group to visit the medical universities and centers of Japan, which is the first time of medical education exchange. 

In September, 1992, five-member investigation group visited Russia to investigate the medical university.  

In May, 2000, former President Han Yimei led the team to investigate Chita State Medical University of Russia to prepare for the cooperation of running school. 

In July, 2000, Mr. Wang Bo, the vice-dean of Biochemistry Teaching Section, participated in the International Conference for Molecular Biology.

In November, 2000, the former President Han Yimei led the investigation group to visit Texas University of America and reached a cooperation agreement.

In 2001 January, the former vice-president Jiang Lianqing led the investigation group to visit European universities to study the experience of higher education service.

In February, 2001, Party Secretary Qiu Fuli led the investigation group to send students to Russia and investigate the teaching, scientific research and student management of Chita State Medical University.

In November, 2001, the former vice-president Liu Jicheng participated in EM Medical Conference in Okinawa of Japan.

In May, 2004, the university sent investigation group to investigate Australia and New Zealand, during the stay in Australia, Han Yimei signed a cooperation agreement with Brisbane High-techno University
In October, 2003, the former vice-president Liu Jicheng and Scientific Research Department Director, Caojun participated in the Second International EM Conference.

In October, 2004, the investigation group of QMU participated in the Asia-Pacific International Education Exhibition held in Habarovsk of Russia, and signed the Cooperation Intention with Eastern Siberia Technical and Scientific University of Russia.

In May, 2005, President Liu Jicheng led the investigation group to visit Chita State Medical University and Eastern Siberia Technical and Scientific University of Russia, during the visit, signed the cooperation agreement including teaching and scientific research with the two universities respectively.

In February, 2006, President Liu Jicheng led the investigation group to visit Armur State Medical University. During the visit, President Liu Jicheng had extensive academic exchange with the leaders and experts of Armur State Medical University and signed the agreement about cooperative running school and technology cooperation.

In January, 2007, President Liu Jicheng, Lv Ying, Director of Foreign Affairs Office, and Yang Liqun, Director of Nursing Department investigated the medical service of Japan and had been in wide touch with the leaders of university, association and institution of Japan.

In Oct. 2007, Deputy Secretary Jiang Lianqing and Vice President Cui Guangcheng attended the university Chancellors’ Conference in Hong Kong.

In Nov. 2007, President Liu Jicheng and Director of Foreign Affairs Department, Lv Ying visited five universities in Fatima for investigation.

In Mar. 2008, the nine-member investigation group led by Vice President Cui Guangcheng attended the work conference in Russia held by both Russia Chita State Medical College and Qiqihar Medical University.

In Jun. 2008, Vice President Zhang Jifei and the directors of five affiliated hospitals visited Texas Medical Center in Houston, America.

In Sep. 2008, He Chengwei and Gao Congju in the Editorial Department of our university attended “the Remembrance Activity for 20 Years’ Across-strait Publishing Exchange”.

In Oct. 2008, Vice President Cui Guangcheng, Director of Academic Affairs Department Zhang Xiaojie and Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Department, Cong Xiquan visited Fatima University and Emilio Aguinaido College ,ect. in Philippines .

In Nov. 2008, organized by the Financial System in Education Department of Heilongjiang Province,Director of Financial Department Quan Jishu visited Taiwan.

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