A Brief Introduction to Public Health School

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The Public Health School (PHS) was established in April, 2006, and merged by the former Management Department and Preventive Medicine Department. The predecessor of the latter is the original Public Health Section which was established in 1950s. The School is composed of 1 institute, 1 experimental center, and 5 sections,which include the Statistics & Epidemiology Section, Food & Environments Section, Preventive Medicine Section, Social Medicine & Health Service Management Section, Health Law Section, the Public Health Institute, and the Public Health Experimental Center.

The School has a staff of 39, including 33 teachers and 3 experiment technicians, among whom 1 teacher with a Doctoral degree, 24 teachers with Master’s degrees. In addition, it has 8 professors, 7 associate professors, 10 lecturers and 11 teaching assistants, including 2 Supervisors, 2 Academic Leaders, and 6 Candidates as Academic Leaders. There are 275 enrolled undergraduates and 1 postgraduate. 4 professional practice bases affiliated to the school include Qiqihar Disease Control & Prevention Center, Qiqihar Health Supervision Institute, Qiqihar Public Health Bureau, Harbin Disease Control & Prevention Center. 27 part-time teachers with senior titles in these bases are responsible for training the practitioners. Two units attach to the School, which are Qiqihar Nutrition Institute and the Public Nutritionist Training Base of Chinese Health Ministry.

The School has published nearly 50 papers, edited 7 academic books, co-edited 4 national-planned Textbooks, and undertaken 11 scientific research projects including 1 cooperated with an American institute, three of which obtained Scientific Achievements Awards in the recent three years. Medical Statistics and Nutrition&Food Hygiene are the university level High-quality Courses, Preventive Medicine is the provincial-level High-quality Course, and Nutrition&Food Hygiene is the university Key Discipline.

19 items of teaching and researching projects has been undertaken, in which two have won Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards and six have won other levels awards. 10 teachers have gained A-level Teacher title and 5 teachers have gained the Teaching Quality Excellence Awards. About 50 students participated in the Researching Projects presided over by teachers or finished their scientific technology tasks under the teachers’ guidance, among which 13 projects have got the awards. The project of CNK-PROFESSIONALSYS has won prize for the 9th National Challenging-Cup Competition.


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