A Brief Introduction to Mental Health School

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Mental Health School(MHS)has the specialties of Psychology, Clinical Medicine (Medicine Psychology Orientation) and Social Work. With a history of more than 30 years, Psychiatry Medicine was the earliest specialty of this field in China, which is the National First-class Characteristic Specialty and Provincial Key Specialty. The discipline of Psychiatry Medicine is the Provincial Key Discipline and the working team from Psychiatry Medicine has been selected as the Provincial Excellent Working Team.

The School is composed of the following units: Psychiatry Medicine Section, Clinical Psychology Section, Psychological Basic Theory Section, Psychological Methodology Section, Social Work Section, Psychological Experimental Center, Mental Health Institution and 3 affiliated specialized psychiatry hospitals as well as many teaching & training bases.

In the recent 5 years, the School has made great achievements. Many teaching and scientific research projects have won the municipal-level and provincial-level awards. Especially in teaching material construction, the School has made a breakthrough. As the host unit, the School held the First National Symposium on the Construction of Psychiatry Medicine for Undergraduates in Harbin in Apr.2008. As to compiling textbooks of Psychiatry Medicine planned by Health Ministry for undergraduates, the First National Conference for Editors-in-chief was held in Qiqihar in Sep. 2008. Moreover, the first national-planned textbook of Psychiatry Medicine for undergraduates will be published in 2009.

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