A Brief Introduction to Pharmacy School

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Pharmacy School (PS) Currently has a staff of 50 full-time teachers, including 16 professors, 8 associate professors, 30 Masters, 6 Doctors, 4 Academic Leaders, 7 Candidates as Academic Leaders, 1 Doctor Supervisor, and 5 Master Supervisors.

The School has set up Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Chinese Medicine as specialties for undergraduate education and has set Pharmaceutical Preparations as the specialty for three-year associate degree education. Pharmacy for undergraduate education has been listed as the key specialty in  Heilongjiang Province. Pharmacology has been listed as the key discipline in Heilongjiang Province. Besides, there are 2 university level high-quality courses, a university level key construction course in the school. The School is composed of 8 sections, including Organic Chemistry Section, Inorganic Chemistry Section, Physical Chemistry Section, Pharmacology Section, Pharmaceutics Section, Pharmaceutical analysis Section,Chinese Medicine section and Pharmaceutical Engineering Section.  Besides the courses for Pharmacy Majors, the School also undertakes the teaching tasks of pharmacology and basic chemistry for the whole university.

The School possesses 2 experimental centers: Pharmacy and Chemistry Experiment Center and Biochemistry Experiment Center, which undertake the experimental preparation on chemistry and biochemistry for the whole school as well as the experimental preparation for pharmacy majors. The Centers are composed of 28 labs, with total equipment worth over 2 million Yuan.

In recent 5 years, the School has undertaken 41 scientific research projects, won 2 second prizes and 5 third prizes for Scientific and Technological Progress Awards of Heilongjiang Province,obtained 2 national patents, edited 26 books, and published 85 papers. It has provided 80 methods of Medicine Fast Inspection for State Food and Drug Administration(SFDA) and 6 Thin-layer Chromatography Program Control Devices for China Pharmaceutical Biological Products Analysis Institute, 3 of which has been applied all over the country. There are 24 items of teaching and research projects, which have been applied to teaching and made outstanding achievements. The projects are as follows: Conducting 3 Chromatography Experiments in Analysis Chemistry, Conducting 2 Comprehensive Designing Experiments in Inorganic Chemistry, Carrying out Bilingual Teaching in Physical Chemistry, and Conducting the Creative Experiment in Pharmaceutical Analysis in the Second Class.


Qiqihar Medical University
No.333, Bukui Street, Jianhua District, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, 161006 P.R.China