A Brief Introduction to Medical Technology School

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Medical Technology School (MTS) was merged by Medical Laboratory Testing and Medical Imaging Technology Department. The School is composed of ten teaching and researching sections, which include Pathogen Section, Immunology Section, Biochemistry Section, Physics Section, Imaging Equipment and Technology Section, Pathology Section, Ultrasonography Section, Nuclear Medicine Section, Diagnostic Radiology Section, and Clinical Test Section as well as two comprehensive lab centers: Medical Test Lab Center and Imaging Lab Center. Medical Technology School has developed two specialties: Medical Test and Medical Imaging (undergraduate and 3-year associate degree student), and one disciplinary orientation: Clinical Pathology.

The School has a staff of 121, including 108 teachers and 13 teaching auxiliaries. There are 25 professors and 30 associate professors, who account for 50.9% of the teaching staff. 4 teachers have the Doctoral degrees and 46 teachers have the Master’s degrees, who account for 64.1% of the teaching staff. Including 650 undergraduates, there are 905 enrolled students in the School.

The construction of disciplines and courses is remarkable. Pathology, Pathophysiology and Medical Immunology are the Key Constructing Subjects of university level. Pathology is the provincial-level High-quality Course, Pathogen Biology and Biochemistry are the High-quality Courses of university level, and Medical Immunology is the Key Constructing Course of university level.

During the tenth “Five-year Plan”, the School has undertaken 1 scientific research project of provincial and ministerial level, 29 projects of municipal level. During the eleventh “Five-year Plan”, the School has undertaken 6 scientific research projects of provincial and ministerial level, 26 projects of municipal level. The School has undertaken 16 teaching research projects of university and provincial level during the tenth “Five-year Plan” and 38 teaching research projects during the eleventh “Five-year Plan”. 219 academic articles of provincial and national level have also been published, including 97 national scientific research articles and 76 teaching research articles. The staff have edited and co-edited 20 books, including monographs, textbooks and teaching reference books.

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