Zhang Hao

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Professor Zhang Hao

 Doctor of Medicine, Professor and Master Supervisor, Deputy Dean of Medical Technology School, Member of Academic Committee of QMU. Scientific research experience: Ⅰ. Undertook the Research of Medical Mites which is closely related to human health, published 3 national-level papers and 3 provincial-level papers; Ⅱ. Undertook the Taxonomy and the Auxology of Shield Flukes Research and published 2 papers in the national-core journals. Ⅲ. Preside over 1 project for Young Academic Backbone Funded Plan of Heilongjiang Provincial Universities.

Research direction: Ⅰ.Etiology and Immunology Study for Parasitic Disease of zoonosis, Ⅱ.Biological Proof Study of Fluke’s Origin and Its Evolution.

At present, he serves as a Member of Parasitic Specialty Committee of China Animal Association,the Lifetime Member of China Immunology Association, the Director of Parasitology Specialty Association of Heilongjiang Preventive Medicine Association and the Member of Qiqihar Youth Federation.

Tel: 0086-452-2663699

Qiqihar Medical University
No.333, Bukui Street, Jianhua District, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, 161006 P.R.China