Zhang Jifei

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Professor Zhang Jifei

Female, Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Master Supervisor

Professor Zhang Jifei graduated from Harbin Medical University in 1980, having majored in Medical Science. She received a Master degree in Tissue Embryology from Norman Bethune University of Medicine in 1989, and a M.D. degree in Histoembryology from Harbin Medical University in 2005. She has furthered studied in Mobile Postdoctoral Neurobiology Research Center of Harbin Medical University since October, 2006. She started to work as a faculty member in Mudanjiang Medical University, and successively held the posts of Head of Histoembryology Section, Deputy Director of Basic Medicine Department, Director of Basic Medicine Department. At present, she serves as the Vice President of Qiqihar Medical University. Made great achievements in the fields of Medical Science, she has published nearly 30 academic papers, 6 works and been awarded over 10 academic scientific research achievements.

Research directions: Treatment and Damage Repair of Central Nervous System Diseases, Treatment of Stem Cells Transformed Inducement and Cardio-cerebrovascular Disease.

Projects understudied: 
NRG1 Transfected  Human Schwann Cells to Treat Spinal Cord Injury(Project of National Natural Science Fund), Research on Spinal Cord Injury Treatment by Transplantation of NRG1 Transfected Schwann Cells (Project of Heilongjiang Natural Science Fund), Basic Research and Clinical Application of Tissue Engineered Bone to Treat Bone Defect  Simultaneously, etc.

Now she serves as the Deputy Chairman of Heilongjiang Anatomy Association and Director of Heilongjiang Neuroscience Association.


Qiqihar Medical University
No.333, Bukui Street, Jianhua District, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, 161006 P.R.China